On the document page, you as a user can keep track of your all your specifications on the project. On the page we work with 2 levels of information:

  1. Documents
    These contain the overall setup for each document such as: style of header and footer, inserting table of contents and Name of the document.
  2. Chapters
    Chapters are where the user writes and edits specifications. User can also link journal entries to a chapter and insert data from the entry into the specfication.

Working with documents and chapters

When user creates a new document, the document is added to the sidebar to the left. Here a user can click on the document, and start creating new specs from scratch and them to the document. A user can also import specifications from other projects by clicking on the dropdown button “New specification”, and selecting “Import specification from other project.

Moving chapters between documents

Users can move chapters around within a document, by dragging the 4 arrow button to the left of a chapter. If a user wants to move a chapter from one document to the next, you simply click the little page button located to the left of the edit button. Here the user is presented with a dropdown of all other documents on the project. By clicking an other document in dropdown, the chapter is moved.