Document page

A project can include many documents, each with many chapters.
You can find all the documents in the sidebar in the left side of the screen.
Clicking on a document name you will be taken to the page for that document pages.

On the document page you can see all the chapters in that specific document, along with the option to add new chapters to the document, or add new documents to the project.
Both chapters and documents can be created from scratch, or you can copy these from another project or library.

So the structure of the documents in Glasshouse is as follows:

  • Documents are containers of chapters.
    The document gives you an overview of the chapters is contains, inclusing the order of the chapter.
    You do not write in a documents, but can give it a name, and add custom properties to it.
  • Chapters is the actual content.
    So you write you text etc in a chapter – to be more precise in the editor.
    But you can also add properties to each chapter.

Working with documents and chapters

When user creates a new document, the document is added to the sidebar to the left. Here a user can click on the document, and start creating new chapter from scratch and add them to the document. A user can also import specifications from other projects by clicking on the dropdown button “New”, and selecting “Import specification from other project.

Moving chapters between documents

Users can move chapters around within a document, by dragging the 4 arrow button to the left of a chapter. If a user wants to move a chapter from one document to the next, you simply click the little page button located to the left of the edit button. Here the user is presented with a dropdown of all other documents on the project. By clicking an other document in dropdown, the chapter is moved.