Feature roll out, Glasshouse Web App

Feature roll out

The list below shows features – features before November 2019 are not fully listed.


Date Feature
February 10th 2022
  • Journal views: Option of copying view from one project to another.
    This includes any used properties used in the copied view.
January 28th 2022
  • Journal views: The row of the selected cell is highlighted
  • Journal: On copying entries from another project, use get the option of adding or deleting properties from the copied entries to the target project.
  • Automation [Beta]: Option of auto running af process after BIM model import (new model or update on model)
January 17th 2022
  • In journal views the users position and use of dynamic filter is kept after editing, deleting and destroying 1-25 entries.
    For 26+ entries the view is reloaded after changes are made.
  • Copy properties from another project dialogue. Can be found  under “Properties/New”.
  • Adding option in Journal view of showing/hiding deleted entries. Can be found in the View setting, in “Advanced” tab.
  • Adding “Page break” option in specification editor.
  • Fixed error in journal view, where entry checkmarks where sometimes false after editing entries.
  • Changes made to the project overview page:
    • Filtering option
    • Option of adding thumbnails to project plus added Thumbnail view
    • Sorting options of columns
December 9th 2021
  • Update to “Chapter options” dialogue in journal.
    Showing tree structure of project to copy from.
November 30th 2021
  • Add “Project” og “Personal” option to a journal view.
    A personal views will only be visible to the user creating it.
  • Add “Duplicate View” option for journal views.
August 19th 2021
  • Option af choosing whether or not to include already linked object in the “link objects to journal” feature.
  • Options of viewing single objects attached to Journal directly from Journal view
  • Changes to layout of Journal views (grouped bottons.
May 17th 2021
  • Option of adding additional parameters to “Copy entry from other project” feature.
May 15th 2020
  • Rollout of Side bar (no more features toggle)
  • Rollout of Bootstrap 4 for final pages (no more feature toggle)
  • Fixes on moving chapters in documents
May 11th 2020
  • Adding option of tagging bim properties
April 24th 2020
  • Optimisation of Journal speed
  • Option of cross project reference for descriptions
March 23th 2020
  • References in documents reworked – allows links to specifications from other projects.
    References to non-project-libray (old Library) removed.
March 16th 2020
  • Adding options for BIM_properties for project, documents and descriptions (API only)
  • Snapshot feature added
  • Feature rollout of New journal, new library and more
  • Optimisation of “Single document pages”
January 17th 2020
  • Optimisations for Revit “Shared Parameter” export
January 10th 2020
  • Adding option of exporting and Importing properties using CSV-files
  • Adding option of deleteing all properties in a Property set at the same time
  • Adding Compare models feature in beta
December 5th 2019
  • Adding option of collapsing/expanding Property sets in edit entry modals
December 4th 2019
  • Redesign and repositioning of Intercom message button
  • Allow user to “Expand/Collapse” all nodes in side bar.
December 1st 2019
  • Allow users to copy linked entries along with copied Docs/chapters when using ‘Copy Documents/specifications’ feature
November 22th 2019
  • Property Translation in Journal
    Enables users to translate BIM properties individually, to work with the individual users language setup
  • Change of the term ‘Specification’ to ‘Chapter’ in english translation
  • Skip group headers in journal on keyboard navigation
November 20th 2019
  • Bugs om modals fixed.
    Button and clicking out of modals should now be aligned for all modals on system.
November 19th 2019
  • API updates.
    Calls for CSV and JSON files for Journal should now be more consistent