Sharing journal views

Sometimes you have the need for sharing the data in a specific journal view with someone outside the Glasshouse project.
An easy way to do this is to share the view via a special link, that everyone can see and use – they don’t even have to have a Glasshouse account.

Setting up a shared journal view

If you want to share a journal view then you just do the following:

  1. Go to “Edit view”
  2. Click the “Shared view” tab in the dialogue
  3. Turn “Sharable link” On/Off

When a view is shareable you will also se the link to the view in the dialogue.

Using the Sharable View

When a view is set to sharable, anyone with the Link will be able to open the shared view.
So please be aware of who you share this with!

A shared view will look like this:

The shared view is a special version of the journal view, where all the setting are the same as in the “original” view.
So grouping methods, column order, column width etc is set in the original view, and inherited in the shared version of the view.

However the user has the tools to filter, sort or group the view any way they want to.
These setting are temporary, and will be reset if the view is reloaded.

Users are also not able to edit any data in the view, or to view more of the journal entreis data than shown in the view.