Journal Tagger – BETA [ENGLISH]

On this page you can learn about:

  • Where can i download the Journal tagger?
  • How do I install the Journal Tagger?
  • How do I use the Journal tagger?

Download GLASSHOUSE Journal Tagger plugin for Archicad

Download the Glasshouse Journal Tagger plugin here:

Installing the Glasshouse Journal Tagger

Video walkthrough of Journal tagger installation and setup.

What needs to be written in the journal tagger settings:

  • Server:
  • Version: v1
  • API key: User based – See video

Using the Glasshouse Journal Tagger

Video walkthrough of how to use the journal tagger for archicad 21:

OBS: Clicking the update button in 3d views on large projects can take a long time. Be sure to save your project before clicking the update all.
The update function is primarily developed for objects in worksheets, but ofcourse also works in 3d.

Best practice on how to use the journal tagger [WIP]

Ensuring that all objects in your archicad project have been tagged:

OBS: When tagging alot of objects at once, make sure you have saved your project and have reserved the objects aswell. Tagging alot of objects may take some time!