Using Formulas in the Journal

The Glasshouse Journal 2.0 has some great option of using formulas for a single entry.

Formula Basics functions

  • User can use formulas to Concatenate (CONCAT), add numbers (+), subtract numberrs (-), multiply number (*) and/or divide numbers (/)
  • If you want to concatenate cells/properties, to use formula in the following syntax: ‘= CONCAT(Column A; Column B; “custom string”; Column X)’
  • For arithmetic operations, +=*/ operators can be used, as well as ( ) to group some operations
  • In arithmetic operations, if one of the arguments is not a number, the formula should return: FORMULA ERROR: Property X is not a number

Using Glasshouse default parameters in formulas

There are 4 Default Glasshouse properties you can use in formulas:
  1. Short description
  2. BIM Objects count
  3. BIM Objects quantity
    BIM Objects quantity is treated as a number, if there is a value there. If it’s missing and it is used in an arithmetic operation with some other numbers, then you should see the `not a number` formula error
  4. Tenderlist Number
You simply use them by name, just as any other property

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