MS Office Plug-in versions – Word and Excel

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The list below is both the tested and pre-rerelased versions.
Please note that all versions are for Word in desktop versions on microsoft windows only.

Version Date changes known bugs
2.7.9 7. September 2023
  • Several minor adjustments
  • Option of exporting PDF+Word files at once in “Merge”
  • Landscape versions for “Merge HTML”
2.6.6 20. June 2022
  • Fixes on log-in errors
  • Fixes on element formatting
2.5.0 30. March 2022
  • Updates on pane usability
  • First version of merge function on Pragraph styles (Beta)
  • New Design og dialogues
  • Headers of new paragrpha styles not getting bold or italics style added.
2.4.15 22. February 2022
  • Fixes on an extra line sometimes added at end of elements
  • Sometimes panel scroll is set wrong, and scrolls horizontally
  • Batch update of many documents takes time, and doesn’t have a dialogue (= the software can seem stuck)
2.4.7 18. January 2022
  • Adding option of updating several documents in a project at once.
  • When opening a new chapter from the Glasshouse panel, the panel of the new chapter (word document) scrolls to the newly opened chapter’s placement.
  • Sometimes panel scroll is set wrong, and scrolls horizontally
  • Batch update of many documents takes time, and doesn’t have a dialogue (= the software can seem stuck)
2.3.8 20. April 2021
  • Bug fixes
2.3.5 16. March 2021
  • Batch export documents – entire project
  • Create data sheets
  • Export GH HTML specs to Word
1.9.18 10. December 2020
  • Added option of auto mapping Glasshouse chapters and word documents, based on names.
    Includes options of renaming chapters or docuements to match the other.
  • Fixed bug on inserting GH document properties in word files
  • Updates on Excel
1.9.9 6. November 2020
  • Adding showing of “track changes” on merged result
  • Adding option of auto mapping Glasshouse chapters and Word files by name.
1.9.1 1. October 2020
  • Added option of highlighting inserted elements
  • Added option of updating all inserted elements on merge
  • Added option of removing text highlights on merge
  • Bug fixes on merge to pdf and docx
1.8.14 21. August 2020
  • Fixed update of text elements
1.6.7 22. May 2020
  • Fixed text conversion bug in guide pane.
  • Updated Guide pane text
  • Now possible to drag and drop chapters into other documents
  • UI updates – Documents pane name changed to ´Project tree´
  • In the menu for inserting Documents and chapters, Documents list is now alfa sorted.
  • Possible to delete chapters and documents
1.6.0 01. May 2020
  • When installing plugin, user no longer needs to uninstall plugin before installing. Installer replaces older versions of the plugin.
  • Fixed bug where relinked documents doesn’t open project in document pane when opening the word document.
1.5.8 29. April 2020
  • Update message when deleting chapters and documents
  • Fixed bug with editing tables and documents/chapters
  • Popup when opening word document that has updated metadata on, asking user to save has been added.
  • Updating word document metadata doesn’t show correct project after updating word document.
1.5.6 22. April 2020
  • Update style of add chapter menu
  • Fixed bug with not being able to update style template when merging documents
1.5.5 21. April 2020
  • Possibility to collapse / expand all documents in left pane
  • Fixed bug where inserted project / chapter / document properties set as headers failed to refresh
  • Word docs that only were linked to chapter via file location, now updates GH metadata on word doc when opening word document via “Document” pane
  • Possible to display chapter properties in “Document” pane
  • Possible to update chapter values via “Document” pane
  • User can now delete chapters and documents via “Document” pane
  • Now possible to see references in “Guide” pane
  • Possible for user to set Word template to use when merging chapters into a document
1.4.3 24. March 2020
  • Now possible to insert properties from chapters / documents / projects
  • Removed access to QA server
  • Lists and paragraph lists are now sorted
1.3.9 13. March 2020
  • Page break, Section break (continous) and Section break (next page) now works for merging.
  • When inserting single value, it is now possible to toggle between linked entries to the chapter and all entries in project.
  • Added method to see if chapter link is broken or unbroken in left pane. User can click button to relink chapter by clicking chain. Check for chain status happens when clicking the refresh button at top.
  • Naming of Section break (next page) is incorrectly named Section break (with page break)
1.3.8 11. March 2020
  • Update section break (continuous) to section break (next page)
  • Insert value now only shows the entries linked to the chapter user is working with.
  • Button to remove duplicate values in lists, paragraphs and tables.
  • Plugin signed by 3dbyggeri Danmark
  • Section break and page break when merging is not working in both PDF and Docx merge.
1.2.8 24. January 2020
  • Update to path/link to reference files on Glasshouse side.
  • Missing dialogue after copying chapters from one project to another
1.2.3 16. January 2020
  • Implementation of path/link to reference files on Glasshouse side
  • Added feature for Copying documents and word files between projects
  • Added Auto complete in project lists
  • On copy document and chapters, the newly copied word docs are not linked to newly created target chapters.
1.1.5 13. December 2019
  • Store file paths of Word-documents in GH, for better UX
  • Fixes on merge feature
1.0.3 10. September 2019
  • Bug fixes
  • Update elements on merge
0.9.7 26. August 2019
  • First test of MSI-installer without certificates needed
  • Update elements on merge
  • Rearrange documents in Glasshouse pane
  • Move reference docs to current placement in main word-document
  • Specifications nested under specifications are not shown

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