Step 7: Next steps

You have now gone through all the steps of the GLASSHOUSE introduction and you should now be familiar with the basic functions and possibilities of GLASSHOUSE and how it can help you to produce better project material.

[A good going picture, possibly a lot of miniature screenshots of features] But there are many more features and details in GLASSHOUSE, and many more tips and tricks on how to optimize and become even more efficient. You can read much more about all this on our collection of help pages:

For example, you can read much more about:

  • Setting up and using standards in GLASSHOUSE
    Learn more about how to reuse and standardize your setup for future projects, so you can get started faster and have a consistent structure across your project portfolio.
  • Using the Tests feature in GLASSHOUSE
    Tests allow you to compare your objects and data with external sources, so you can, for example, compare the model’s state with the client’s space program, ensuring that you are compliant and haven’t forgotten or added anything. The tests feature in GLASSHOUSE is currently in Beta.
  • Objects
    All about the object functions
  • Setting up and using measurement rules
    Here you can learn about how to make GLASSHOUSE use just the measurement rules, and get the quantities out of the models that you want.
  • Descriptions
    All about the description functions.
  • Using the library
    The library lets you save and reuse your descriptions from project to project, and share your best descriptions with your colleagues so you can build a unified company library together.
  • Setting up layouts in documents according to the BIPS 1.000 structure
    The BIPS 1.000 description system is the most commonly used standard for descriptions in Denmark. On this page you can read more about how to set up your descriptions so that they have the right layout.
  • Use of
    You can read much more about the program on the program’s help pages, where there is also a step-by-step guide on how to get started.
  • The GLASSHOUSE forum
    Here you can write to us behind GLASSHOUSE, or other users, with questions, ideas, bugs etc.Happy working!Click your way back to the previous step:     Step 6: Create and edit offer lists

    Links redirect to danish pages, few are marked as WIP

    Click through to the start: Step 1: How to get started with GLASSHOUSE



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